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The goddesses were beautiful, identical but polar opposites, silver-haired and raven-haired, one representing the light, the other the dark in the manner of yin and yang. [27] Other signs were the colors blue and silver and the appearance of moonstones. Mystryl balanced the conflict and mediated an uneasy truce. When Selune (Seh-LOON-eh) journeys to the Realms, she is said to appear in many forms and is depicted in religious art as everything from a female face on a lunar disk to a dusky-skinned woman with wide, radiant eyes and long ivory-colored hair to a matronly, middle-aged woman whose dark hair is streaked with gray. [71], By 1489 DR, some tiefling followers of Selne claimed to have received visions of her in their own image, describing her as the "pale horned goddess of the moon". They were commonly called Selnites. A quick search shows those are also her recommended domains in 5th Edition. She encourages her worshipers to do the following: Never lose hope or faith, for every force in the world ebbs and flows. [4][7], During the full moon, a female cleric would perform morning ceremonies to make herself receptive to special insights, intuition, and visions. [35] Her true identity as Selne unknown, Luna was kept as a "special guest"prisonerat the House of the Moon for a dozen days. Selnite doctrine implied that the moon had a subtle effect on the natural cycles of the female body; at a full moon, a female cleric felt closest to the goddess. If you wish to make a request, please contact us (individual requests are not always granted or guaranteed). [30], Following the Godswar of 1358 DR, Selne and Sune parted on good terms and Selne was free to do as she willed again. Selune is a beautiful, dusky-skinned human woman with long limbs. Then they flew upwards, to spiral around the night sky and even to circle the moon. [1][4][5][25] In this form, she guided travelers lost in the night or journeying over hazardous terrain, and came to shine for her faithful when light was needed for a delicate action. It is widely believed that Lucha herself watches over all marriages performed by her clergy, and nearly all marriages in Durpar are performed by priests of Lucha. [4] Almost everyone in Durpar worshiped Lucha, in the belief that she personally watched over all marriages performed by her priests, as most marriages in Durpar were. She would avoid reversed and injurious forms of healing spells and necromantic sphere spells, unless absolutely necessary. The new Shaman is looking to weaken Selnes strength in the region so she can resurrect Eshowdow, a shadow deity who will unleash legions of shadow on the world. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed (and who did it), and even restore old versions. We've already been saving your edits, so if you Trust in my radiance, and know that all love alive under my light shall know my blessing. Such struggles won them the respect of farmers and the common people. [11][31], In battle, Selne sometimes wielded a moon blade +3, in fact a lasting form of the moon blade spell. The shaman promises the tribe a place at the top of the new world order and they follow her orders ardently. [9] Nevertheless, she was viewed as a calm power circa 1489 DR.[8], Nevertheless, at all times, Selne was caring and accepting of most beings, and forgiving of most of her followers' faults. When the moon was out, even if not visible, it was known as "moonlight". For example, a band of adventurers on a night-time raid might make an offering to Selne for guidance. Meanwhile, the later priests of Selne had highly variable ceremonial costumes. They make much small coin by telling fortunes, because folk who try to read the stars never achieve the same success rate in predictions as do clergy members who can call on Selune for real guidance. [37][38], Selne was worshiped by the Netherese in the ancient empire of Netheril, where she was known as part of the Netherese pantheon, alongside Shar, Mystryl, Jannath (later known as Chauntea), Amaunator, Jergal, Kozah, Moander, Targus, and Tyche. May Selne guide your steps in the night, and bring them to the new dawn. This document contains the following: a poem for Selune worshippers [4] Both kinds of priests were united in opposing evil lycanthropes when they threatened a community. However, Targus, god of war, thought Selne was too beautiful, in soul and self, for him to hate. Let all on whom my light falls be welcome if they desire to be so. As Kyriani fought Shar as a distraction, Timoth, Vajra, and Onyx opened the door fully, releasing Selne's godly power. [2], The Selnite religion was an ancient one in Faern. [7][31][32] Under the World Axis cosmology, the Gates of the Moon was a dominion in the Astral Sea. A wrist tattoo with the symbol of Sehanine Moonbow. The interior is a large roofless area, allowing for sun and moonlight to bask the area. [4], Worshipers were also urged to be humble and self-reliant, to use common sense and practicality,[2][3][4][7] and to find their own practical paths through life to be as successful as possible while not neglecting their compassion for others. One order of fanatic Selunites is known as the Swords of the Lady, who are often referred to colloquially as the Lunatics. He will, of course, make a partial appearance and be an obstacle in the final showdown. Selunes way thus makes the goddess ever more popular and keeps her clergy hardy, well-traveled, and in practical touch with the natural world. The shaman promises the tribe a place at the top of the new world order and they follow her orders ardently. [47][note 4], Selne had been an independent deity for millennia, but her might waned and in time she came to serve Sune, goddess of love, for several centuries. The temple guards took Luna prisoner at the avatar's direction. Once the cloak has been used to cast a spell, it can't be used to cast that spell again until the next moonrise. During the Mystery ritual, Selunite priests cast certain secret spells and lie before the Moonmaidens altar, from whence they fly upward and spiral around the moon in a trance while they speak personally with Selune via mental visions. Described as chaos and timeless nothingness, the sphere was filled with no more than dim misty shadows, neither light nor dark, for such things had not yet separated. [3] Clerics and specialty priests alike were able to turn undead like many other good and neutral priests. Thus the connection between the two remains a mystery, though Selne's earlier Netherese incarnation was also a goddess of beauty. [2], The clergy of Selne were known collectively as "Selnites", which was also the adjective for the faith. Still others told that the young mage loved her, but she rejected his advances because she was no longer young or beautiful. From the residues of these struggles emerged the original deities of magic, war, disease, murder, death, and others. Updated to post-Sundering status quo. [1] They fought incessantly to undercut the other. The spirits of elves discover new mysteries once they transcend their mortal existences. Trust in my radiance, and know that all love alive under my light shall know my blessing. [2][3] From 1372 DR, clerics would often also train as bards or sorcerers, or become silverstars. During this great conflagration, the gods of war, disease, murder and death, among others, were created from residues of the deific battle. Every Shieldmeet, at every temple to Selne in Faern, the clergy chanted in coordination and the confluence of their devotional energy summoned the Shards, the planetar servants of the goddess. Press J to jump to the feed. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][note 1] In the Shining Lands of Durpar, Estagund, and Var the Golden, Selne was known as Lucha, She Who Guides, and her worship was part of belief in the Adama. Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (Cyclopedia of the Realms), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd edition (revised), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, Domains in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms, Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms, Land of Fate (Adventurer's Guide to Zakhara). Instead, the term "church of Selne" is adopted for discussion and wiki purposes; the phrase "church of Selne" is mentioned in several sources about it. The goddess, now freed, used her own life force to imprison the monsters inside a pocket dimension within a moonstone, now known as Selne's Eye. 10 comments. If you wish to submit an images to this site, please contact us. A cleric of Selne in formal blue-and-white dress with high collar and headpiece. A high priest carried as their symbol of office a wooden staff wrapped with silver, including silver flowers and vines, and topped with a moonstone. [1][3][4][5][6][7][8] They looked to Selne for guidance, courage, and strength, while couples hoped she would bless them with children when the time was right. You should check them out. [4], Selne was worshiped by the Netherese in the ancient empire of Netheril. Then, for the first time, Selne and Shar were divided, being of two minds on whether they should let there be more life on the worlds or not. Each temple had its own preferred phase for their Moon's Hands. Her priests work ceaselessly against those of Mask and other evil gods. She was also allies with Angharradh, Corellon, and Cyrrollalee. The holy symbol of Selne displayed on a standard. Reflecting the chaotic and scattered nature of the church of Selune, its hierarchy is a hodgepodge of clerics, specialty priests, crusaders, mystics, informed or blessed lay individuals, and a smattering of good-aligned lycanthropes (both natural and infected). Pretty cool, especially for monks. [36] Witnessing the battle, Naneatha began to question the false Selne, who soon revealed her murderous intent. [1][2][3][4][5][9] Under the subsequent World Tree cosmology, the Gates of the Moon was considered its own plane. From the shadows of chaos, two sisters are born,One bright Selne, the other dark Shar.A harmonious balance soon to be tornWhen Selne gifts life with flame from afar! [4][5] However, her favored weapon was the Rod of Four Moons (also called the Wand of Four Moons), a four-flanged heavy mace of potent magical power. [4], If pressed into battle, Selne was an awesome warrior, fighting with divine fury but with martial and magical skill in coordination. Hawks and mice are not friends, despite both being beasts. You have a much clearer path of what you want and its good go with it. no risk refund guarantee You can use an action to cast one of these spells. The idea that Selne has a father seems at odds with the conventional creation myth of the Realms, in which Selne is said to have coalesced out of the primordial essence of Realmspace and no "father" is mentioned. Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG They could even dance until they collapsed in exhaustion. Selune also struggles with Umberlee constantly over the fate of ships at sea and with Mask over the works of mischief and evil he performs in the shadows the moons soft glow creates. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! [2][3], The specialty priests were called silverstars, in both the time of Netheril and in the 14th century DR.[2][3], The church of Selne commonly included among its ranks clerics, the elite specialty priests known as silverstars, crusaders, and mystics. Selne Our Lady of Silver is inclined to be lenient in matters of alignment and religious observance. [4][9] These shifting personalities made her versatile. First, on Luna's instruction, Vajra snuck into the House of the Moon to find the Wand of the Four Moons. The holy symbol of Selne in the form of a silver pendant. She could freely cast divination spells, even alongside other spells. [2][3] Indeed, in Durpar, they believed Lucha would guide her worshipers to the most profitable customers. They fought constantly in all realms of existence, across the sky at night and in other planes, waged through their mortal followers and their servitor beings, and in person. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Symbol This has given it a fell reputation. A wooden necklace of Selune's symbol, worn by faithful commoners. They struggled tirelessly against the followers of Mask and other dark deities. In Durpar, Estagund, and Var the Golden, Selune is worshiped as part of the Adama, the Durparian concept of a world spirit that embraces and enfolds the divine essence that is part of all beings. Self-reliance and finding ones own, practical path are more important than fussy detail in her faith, and so Selune is also gaining favor among eccentrics, adventurers, and mavericks of all sorts, including outcasts. There is no single unified druid culture that has to exist. [2][3], There were broadly two kinds of Selnite clergy: those who remained at the temples (often but not necessarily due to age or infirmity), and those who wandered Faern. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. upgrade now [30] Famously, Selne battled Shar over the streets of Waterdeep. Selune is a caring but quietly mystical power who often seems saddened by events perhaps millennia old. Together, they created from the cosmic ether Abeir-Toril and the other heavenly bodies and infused these worlds with life. [39] A temple dedicated to Selne, the Abbey of the Moon, was established in 3847DR.[40][41], In the Year of Sundered Webs, 339 DR, Karsus's Folly triggered the death of Mystryl and caused the cataclysmic Fall of Netheril. For the moon, see. The heroes escaped to the ruins of Selne's Smile, where Shar ambushed them in the darkened guise of Selne, determined to revenge herself on the heroes and slay Selne once and for all. [4], The goddess was generous with her gifts. She was reluctant to manifest avatars in Faern, as Shar took joy in obliterating them there. Selune felt that her worshippers had begun to take the moonfire for granted, using it as if it were a substance of no consequence brewed by the local alchemist. A great deal of moon-related activity occurs in and around Waterdeep, and most of this is attributed to the temple to Our Lady of Silver. [1][2][3][4] A Moon's Hand had a smooth head[1][2][3] representing the moon in a specific phase. [48] At some point in the 1350s DR, known only as a mysterious woman, Selne appeared to Conner. Turn to the moon, and 1 will be your true guide.. Thanks! [51] At last, Vajra convinced Luna of the truth of her identity, and they realized that the false Selne was in fact Shar in disguise! I did the same things when I tried figuring out what she wanted because my character had a rock that glowed in the moonlight and knew my direction. Meanwhile, a holy word from her automatically banished evil extraplanar beings. Her near self-sacrifice bought time for Luna and her friends to escape the temple. The new Shaman is looking to weaken Selne's strength in the region so she can resurrect Eshowdow, a shadow deity who will unleash legions of shadow on the world. [2], Following the Godswar of 1358 DR, with her waxing faith, theologians of the 1360s DR predicted Selne would once again be elevated among the gods, possibly within their own lifetimes. What tips do you have on drip feeding information so that the course of action isnt immediately discernible? He failed, but as he lay dying beneath a desert moon, Selne healed him through divine intervention. [25] Selne would also create moonfire for her faithful during a ritual, which could enchant items or the worshipers themselves. Two darkly beautiful human female eyes surrounded by a circle of seven silver stars[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] I think most of that will come to you as you play and get a feel for the characters, and the impact they have on them. [7] However, Selne often provided her priests with temporary powers or spells to help them achieve the missions she gave them. [46], A legend titled the Song of Selne told of her as a youthful goddess, residing in a mystic realm populated by deities. [2][3][5] Some Selenite priestesses proved their devotion in going above and beyond while performing decrees of the church, as rewards and dedicated tools, they were gifted Moonblades of Selne, powerful translucent longswords, especially deadly to the undead. The highest principle of Selne's ethos was acceptance and tolerance. It was created and blessed by Selune herself in memory of the battle with Shar she had in Waterdeep. A fortunate few pilgrims have witnessed drops of Selunes holy essencethe ingredient used in the making of her potionsfalling from the hovering wand or heard her whisper words of advice or encouragement in their heads as they gazed upon it. Let all on whom my light falls be welcome if they desire to be so. Selune's worshipers often multiclass as bards or sorcerers. Mooncloak. All of these titles are followed by Priestess/Priest.. Women were honored for their roles as teachers and as role models in society and in the family. The Dark Moon heresy was the belief that Selne and Shar were two aspects of the same deity. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. Alignment She is barefoot and wearing a long white robe with a silver cloth belt. Turn to the moon, and I will be your true guide. The "night stalk" changed from a "solitary moonlit walk" (where the name is more fitting) in the, Organizations in the Sea Ward of Waterdeep, Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (Cyclopedia of the Realms), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd edition (revised), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, Domains in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms. [65], Her holy symbol was a bright pair of eyes of a darkly beautiful human woman, encircled by seven silver stars. You can use an action to cast one of these spells. Among other groups, the church of Selflne is also affiliated with Harpers and a group of female diviners who worship the Night White Lady who call themselves the Oracles of the Moon. [8] It was told by clerics of Selne, Shar, and Chauntea,[33] but it was repeated in so many religions in Faern it was widely held to be true. [4][5] Her name was shared by the moon of Toril, Selne;[3] it was unknown if the moon was named for the goddess or the goddess for the moon. Sehanine Moonbow looks like a 5ft. Clerics of Selne are a very diverse group, including sailors, nonevil lycanthropes, mystics, and . They caught her, thinking she was Shar, but were shocked to find Luna under the mask. He was injured grievously and Selune revealed the location of a forgotten tomb of one of her historic clerics. She is seen in many ways by her followers, who are a diverse group, and she is at times effervescently joyful and active, at others maternal, quiet, and almost poetic, and at yet others warlike and fierce, showing little mercy to her foes. Restricting herself to only non-divine powers, she knew no more than her mortal friends, until Onyx reported the appearance of an avatar in Waterdeepan avatar of Selne, one who was not Luna. As the mob of worshipers and then the temple guards subdued Vajra, Luna confronted the avatar and the two engaged in a spell battle on the steps of the temple. [42], Two darkly beautiful human female eyes surrounded by a circle of seven silver stars. [54] Another Moonsea legend held that couples who came to Point Moonsea on the first night of Selne's first day and exchanged their vows would suffer no strife in their marriage. [5][59], Her eternal enemy was her sister Shar, goddess of the night, a war that had been waged since before all other Faernian gods existed, before time was recorded. Shes pulling strings all over the place just to stop the Guardian of Light from appearing but little does she know youre already out there. The walls are etched with beautiful murals, and statues circle the room. [1], In the Shining Lands of Durpar, Estagund, and Var the Golden in southeast Faern, Selne was known as Lucha, She Who Guides. [50], Her true identity unknown to the clergy, Luna was kept as a prisoner at the House of the Moon, completely under the control of the false Selne,[51] who used her stolen identity to confuse Luna and make her doubt herself. Even after parting ways, Selne continued to have fully cooperative and amiable relationships with Sune and Lliira both. It was also believed she guided traders to the best customers. The city of Opus was believed to have escaped the destruction visited upon the other Netherese enclaves. It levitates in its glass case and glows with a soft, silvery-blue light, though it has no other known magical powers. Though disturbing to mainstream churches, the tieflings argued these visions meant the heart and soul meant more to the gods than appearance and bloodline.)[72]. One was a dusky-skinned human woman with long limbs; perfect and exquisite beauty; wide, radiant, lime-green eyes; and long, ivory-hued hair that fell to her knees. [30] In their never-ending struggle across the sky, Selne was slain by Shar at every new moon. She is wearing a diaphanous white robes, trailing with "moondust". [8], Selnites had their own terms for night-time conditions. However, Mystryl saw Selne as smothering and maternal and sometimes rebelled against her well-intentioned wishes. In her weeping, she shed one crystalline tear, which fell to ground as a meteor in the land of Thar. [4][7] After this time, silverstars were the prestigious champions of the faith. When she couldn't find it, Luna began to doubt herself, wondering which of them was the real goddess. [7][33][34][35][note 2], This greatly enraged Shar; she renewed her assault on her injured sister and began to blot out all light and warmth in the universe, or the lights of Selne, gravely weakening her. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. [66][67], According to Moonsea superstition, one who mocked Selne while aboard a ship would never complete their voyage. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Anywhere the full moon shines is the place for Selne. Selunite clergy embroider their rituals into quite individual, unique observances. The symbol of the church was the holy symbol of the goddess: a pair of eyes, of a darkly beautiful human woman, encircled by seven silver stars. JavaScript is currently disabled. [14], Suiting the goddess's chaotic and changeable ways, the church hierarchy was highly variable, shifting from place to place and even with the predictable phase of the moon and other, unpredictable heavenly events. She ignited a heavenly bodythe Sunin order to give warmth to Chauntea. I was going to be Tuxedo Mask and I was going to find my Sailor Moon and we were gonna do idk moon stuff. A crate with the symbol of Sehanine Moonbow on the side. [1][2], In everyday life, Selnites wore fashionable but not gaudy attire. One night, a purported avatar of Selne arrived in Waterdeep and summoned the faithful to the House of the Moon, where she was welcomed by high priestess Naneatha Suaril. Selunes eternal foe is the evil goddess Shar, and she battles her ceaselessly on many planes of existence, both through mortal worshipers and servitor creatures. She was followed by those who were lost and those who were questing. [5][63], The Zakharan deity Selan was a moon goddess who shared a similar name and outlook with Selne, but had a somewhat different area of interest, namely beauty. The folk here favored the worship of She Who Guides. Thats such a large body of work with imagery and symbolism and complete story arcs. [10], In any form or state, whenever she was in darkness, Selne's avatar continually emanated a faint blue-white glow like moonlight. [4][5] These moon motes occasionally exuded a radiant, sparkling, pearly-hued liquid known as "drops fallen from the moon", which was the holy essence of Selne and was prized by the faithful. Burlap sacks with Selne's symbol on the side. [2], The diverse faithful all paid homage to Selne in their own individual ways, often adapting the standard rituals into very personalized, even unique rites. With the faith of Selne promoting equality and understanding for all, and with her wide assortment of worshipers, her priesthood were just as diverse and eclectic. Additionally, you learn the dimension door spell and can cast it once per long rest. Selnites[1][2][3][4] [2][3][24][note 2] For example, High Initiate Courynna Jacerryl would pour milk and wine over a moonstone-inlaid altar, then dance while chanting a prayer. Suggested Price $1.99. Selne (/s'lun.e/ or seh-loon-ay) is a fictional goddess in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons. She always appears as a radiantly beautiful red-haired woman of incredible charm. Selunes ethos seems to be one of acceptance and tolerance over any other overriding principle. [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][10][11][24], Selne and her teachings of compassion and guidance were appealing to all folk who lived their lives by the moonlit night sky, and hence her faithful were a very diverse group. The demands she places on her followers are few, and the goddess is reputed to be free with her gifts and boons to mortals. [48], For a long time, Selne had chosen to live her life as a mortal woman in the city of Waterdeep. [24], If the goddess was pleased by a ceremony, she bathed the milk or wine poured on the altar with moonlight, transforming it into a holy substance known as moonfire. Common people saw them as mysterious, but knew them as a force of good and foes of werebeasts and undead, and as caretakers of the ill and the mad. It was theorized by some theologians that Selne had engineered this, to ensure the Tear was present during the terrible events, but, if true, her reasons were unknown. As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does all life. NOPE. Those titles that follow these in rank tend to begin with Priestess/Priest of the and end in some form traditional to the individual temple or shrine the priest is affiliated with. The building is surrounded by columns, with a triangular blue-tiled roof. The ceremonial dress of priests of Lucha consists of a circlet woven of vines or flowers and white robes. The heroes unmasked one of Lunatics, expecting the dark goddess Shar but finding none other than a brainwashed Luna. Her spells all had a similar appearance, beginning as streaks of moonbeams and only revealing their true effect when they struck. This conflict was later known as the Dawn War. This was draining and injurious, but easily healed with time or magic. Statues to the goddess flank the tall entrance doors, made of wood with silver inlays. Get commissions by. She foretold certain signs and sent him into the midst of a vicious battle between the old Catlord and the god Malar, the Beastlord, to rescue the kittenlord from Duum's grasp. Selune's priesthood is as diverse as her worshipers, with hers being truly a faith that promotes equal access and understanding. [26], The holy substance called moonfire could, at the goddess's direction, envelop and enchant items to create a variety of magic items for use by the clergy. [2][3] There were also a scattered few lycanthropes, both natural and afflicted, but all of good heart. They thought of themselves as "children of Selne". Sehanine Moonbow is the elven goddess of death, dreams, heavens, journeys, moon (full moon to be precise), moon elves, stars, and transcendence as well as the most powerful female member of the Seldarine. As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does all life. [2][4][7], The Mystery of the Night was the most sacred ritual; every priest was required to perform it at least once a year. [10][11] Their war was the eternal drama of the sky, vital to the balance of nature: the dark of the night devouring the light of the moon, before the moon was renewed and the cycle repeated. This was a fact she kept hidden from the young wizard. Although Mystryl was composed of both light and dark magic, she initially sided with Selne, her first mother, giving her the upper hand. For example, Naneatha Suaril, high priestess of the House of the Moon in Waterdeep, presided over ceremonies in a majestic dress with a wide-bottomed hooped skirt and a great fan-like collar ascending from the back of her neck, both stiffened with whalebone, all set with clusters of pearls and other precious stones. [11], An excerpt from a ballad by Veseene the Lark[36]. Couples look to Selune to bless them with children when they are ready, and women look to her for courage, strength, and guidance. [47], However, Selne had weakened herself and sacrificed her immortal youthful vitality and beauty, aging thousands of years. [9][15][16] Other clergy could be druids and rangers. The grandest and haughtiest wore only the very finest attire, such as expensive gowns bedecked with jewels, with magical and animated capes and trains, and crowns set with moonstones.

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