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Shreveport elected its last Republican mayor, Bo Williams, in 1994. So the first thing I want to do is put together a team that the people will trust. Democrats and voters who said they have only voted for Dems in the last few elections were not included. En cliquant sur Accepter tout, vous acceptez que Yahoo et nos partenaires traitent vos informations personnelles et utilisent des technologies telles que les cookies pour afficher des publicits et des contenus personnaliss, et des fins de mesure des publicits et des contenus, dtude des audiences et de dveloppement de produit. Tom Arceneaux, 71, won a runoff election Saturday to become the next mayor of Shreveport. 525 Marshall Street. Louisiana voters will head to the polls Saturday for the final election in 2022. We have tonight looked beyond historical barriers and distinctions. The purpose of the runoff election is to ensure a winning candidate meets the required majority of votes. Local attorney Tom Arceneaux was elected as Mayor of Shreveport on December 10, 2022. SHREVEPORT, La. I am an optimist by nature. Arceneauxs victory would have been considered a surprise weeks ago because Shreveport had gotten in the habit since 2006 of electing Black Democrats as mayor. Tom. ( KTAL/KMSS) - The ballot is set for Louisiana's November elections after a three-day period closed Friday afternoon for candidates on the local, state, and federal levels to qualify in their respective races. From 1982 - 1990 Arceneaux served as Councilman for Shreveport's District C and served for 13 years on the Board of Directors of the Highland Restoration Association, including serving as President for five of those years. The second thing I think we need to do is to really look internally and say, what are the things about my city that I can be proud of? We know the things about our city that we cant be proud of, but every city has those problems or similar problems or a different set of problems. Those are the issues we have to resolve. (AP) Voters in Louisiana's third-largest city have elected a Republican mayor for the first time in 28 years. In Shreveport, a contentious mayoral runoff is by far getting the most attention. Capital plans are relatively easy to deal with because you have bonds that youve sold to fund those projects, and those have already been approved or they wouldnt be in the plan, or youre getting capital outlay money from the state or some money from the federal government. Arceneaux and Tarver were the top two finishers in the November mayoral election, but neither won a majority of the vote, the Shreveport Times reported. But in the meantime, Im going to be acting. I mean, the numbers just tell the story. I plan to develop a long-range outlook for our operating budget. I have an idea of where our finances are going. Tom Arceneaux is a current attorney in. It never has been about winning an election. We need to temper it with a bit of experience and wisdom. But in the end, Republican Attorney and former City Councilman Tom Arceneaux led the field with 28% of the vote to 24% for Democratic State Senator Greg Tarver. TWO Locations to Early Vote: Caddo Registrar of Voters. Incumbent Adrian Perkins has already announced he. Nov 3, 2022. Louisiana voters will head to the polls Saturday for the final election in 2022. All rights reserved. Reading: The connection between Shreveport, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Mayor Arceneaux and the film industry NGGOSSIPS NG Gossips is an entertainment site that update with unique and defined content focused on latest trending news in Nigeria, Ghana and beyond. Weather forecast delivered at 9:00 am daily. In many of the races, the top two candidates will make it to a runoff in December. So, if you have a city that has the atmosphere of creating friendships and relationships then you can have a successful city. This page was last edited on 18 October 2022, at 05:46 (UTC). The polls closed at 8pm and that's when the numbers started rolling in. If you haven't checked out these 9 wonderful places in Shreveport-Bossier, than you really are missing out, Shreveport City Council Quickly Fills Vacancies, Jimmie Davis Bridge Replacement To Cost Whopping $360 Million, Shreveport Police Arrest Man for Indecent Behavior with Juvenile, BPSO Seeks Help Identifying Burglary Suspects, Shreveport at Risk of Severe Weather With Strong Storms This Week, Massive Texas Dust Storm Could Hit Shreveport Soon, Shreveports 22nd Annual Angel Run & Walk for Holy Angels Returns in April. Adrian Perkins, Mayor So now when Im doing recruiting for the law firm, I always sell a total quality of life. Starting salaries in Dallas or Houston are more than twice what were able to offer, so if you cant compete on money, then then there has to be something other than money for the young people who you want to hire and I think thats true for any business. Im only concerned about issues of the city of Shreveport.. But we need hard data on that. A steady stream of voters made it to the. And if we do that, then they can either support something else, or they can understand why it is that their level of service stays at a level that ordinarily they probably would not like to see. The two of them began canvassing door to door on April 9. Mario C. Chavez (NOPTY) got 18% of the vote to 17% for Adrian Perkins and 10% for LeVette Fuller. This Louisiana elections-related article is a stub. The current terms of the Shreveport mayor and city council end in December of next year. Arceneaux becomes Shreveports first Republican mayor since Bo Williams, who served a single term, left office in 1998. Photos courtesy of Tom Arceneaux for Shreveport Mayor Campaign. We are closely watching the Shreveport Mayor's race which drew a field of 10 candidates including incumbent Mayor Adrian Perkins. TRANSITION TEAM COMMITTEESAdministrative Transition CommitteeChair Tom Dark, William C. Bradford, Jr., Arthur Thompson, Sherricka Fields-Jones, John Nickelson. He was . Voters in Shreveport have elected a Republican mayor for the first time in 28 years, Shreveport Elects Its First Republican Mayor in 28 Years. For information on how to become an election worker please visit the Caddo Clerk of Court website. 6 already declared", "Sen. Greg Tarver wants to be Shreveport's mayor", "Shreveport mayoral candidate left race because his mom told him to; now he's back in", "Unannounced candidates qualify for Shreveport mayoral election; incumbent to qualify Friday", "Jim Taliaferro suspends mayoral campaign, announces run for City Council", "Lauren Anderson says Shreveporters should elect someone 'honest', "Former Mayor Glover, current Mayor Perkins announce support of Arceneaux for mayor", "Governor John Bel Edwards endorses Greg Tarver in Shreveport mayor's race", "Mayor Perkins, Gov. click here for contact information. And then we can move our city forward because were quickly coming upon a time when we need to pass the torch from one generation to the next. Tom Arceneaux during the Meet the candidates: Shreveport Mayoral Election 2022 event Thursday evening, July 28, at the YMCA of Northwest Louisiana. I have ideas of what to do to bring communities together. For information on voter registration, absentee/vote by mail. I have ideas about what to do about violent crime. The inauguration ceremony was held at 10 a.m. in the Shreveport Convention Center, located at 400 Caddo St. For a full list of election results, click here. Tom Arceneaux is a current attorney in Shreveport who announced his intent to run for Mayor in early February of 2022 as a Republican. And so, well have to decide how were going to get our garbage collected and how were going to maintain our streets, how were going to maintain our infrastructure. Shall Caddo Parish, Louisiana (the "Parish"), be authorized to continue to levy a special tax of 5.96 mills on all property subject to taxation in Caddo Parish (an estimated $11,096,000 reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year), for a period of 10 years, beginning with the year 2024 and ending with the year 2033 (the "Tax"), for the purpose of maintaining, operating and repairing roadways, bridges, garbage disposal and industrial waste facilities, surface water drains and drainage facilities and payment of mandated costs of the Criminal Justice System? Mayor Perkins to share vision for Shreveport in State of the City address. Theyre going to see me so that I have the opportunity to tell them how much I and the people of Shreveport appreciate what they do. Makenzie Boucher is a reporter with the Shreveport Times. runoff election - Dec. 10, 2022 1:49 Shreveport voters elect their first Republican mayor in 24 years 2:32 Shreveport voters decide 3 City Council runoffs 4:06 Arceneaux wins Shreveport mayor 4:30 Tom Arceneaux is mayor-elect for City of Shreveport 1:41 Tarver concedes race to Arceneaux 1:59 Runoff election results for NWLA If it appears that were on a path that tells us we wont have enough money to do the things that were currently doing, then then people will have to make choices based on those decisions. The primary elections will be held Nov. 8 and the general elections will be held Dec. 10.. louisiana state university shreveport internal medicine residency. Arceneaux defeated Democratic state Senator Greg Tarver with 56 percent of the vote to Tarver's 44 percent in complete, but unofficial. They are a continuation of what is already in place. A hotly contest mayoral election in Shreveport ended Saturday when Tom Arceneaux was elected to lead the states third largest city for the next four years. We have a really good symphony, we have an opera company, we have ballet, we have all kinds of live music, we have local artists, we have live theater. Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins can run for re-election, Louisiana Supreme Court rules Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins addresses media after qualifying to run for the U.S. Senate on. I already know some of the steps that I want to take, and we will be taking those steps right away. We ended last year I believe, with approximately a $30 million operating reserve. Contact her at News headlines delivered at 7:00 am Monday - Friday. Arceneaux led the 10-candidate field in the Nov. 8 primary with 28.4%. How did you bring them all together? Friday Ellis, an independent, knocked off incumbent mayor Jamie Mayo, a Democrat, in 2020 in Monroe. [2], The runoff was hotly contested, with both men facing attack ads over accusations of domestic violence against them in the past. Arceneaux, 71, served two terms on the Shreveport City Council in the 1980s. That encourages me. How Lonely Are We in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA? There was an error processing your request. Theyre going to see me on the line. Arceneaux is the first Republican to hold the office of Shreveport mayor since Robert W. Bo Williams term expired Nov. 24, 1998. All three of them are Black Democrats. The 2022 Shreveport mayoral election took place on November 8, 2022, with a runoff election on December 10 because no candidate obtained a majority of the vote in the first round. Click the graphic above to watch a video explaining what these millages mean for.

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